February 2, 2011


Remember the most exciting project I told you about in November last year?So here it is!I have received few copies of the calendar called "water inspirations" and decided to give away one of these to you my twitter followers and fans of my illos:) There are some texts written in slovak but the most exciting part is 12 illustrations from different slovak illustrators..so all you need to do is to leave a comment here with your email address as well so I can contact you in case you win..and I will randomly choose happy winner on 9th february ...so GOOD LUCK everyone!!! (and hopefully there will be at least one person who enter this..haha)


Thank you so so much for joining my first giveaway and for your nice comments!I appreciate that!
And the winner is Gabriela!Congrats Gabby! :)

November 30, 2010

Calendar Zlata studna

Finally I can tell you about one of the most exciting projects I have been working on lately. As you already might know I am the member of the Association of slovak illustrators and some of us had the possibility to create some artworks for a company Zlata studna and present ourselves and the association through their calendar. And now here it is! The theme was "water" and I had pleasure to create the cover and two other illustrations for may and november. Hope you like them! You can also visit the association page www.asil.sk and check out the whole calendar and other illustrators' works.


November 24, 2010

Christmas cards

These days I have lot of work but also trying to find time to create some christmas cards...You can buy them soon in my online shop I am preparing so stay tuned!!! :)


November 12, 2010

Sneak peek 02

Here is the sneak peek of the second illustration for the calendar...


November 9, 2010


I am working on some illustrations for a calendar. The topic for the whole calendar is Water. Here is the sneak peek of the cover. This time I will show you the process of creation. So stay tuned!! :)


November 7, 2010


Here is my submission "Why didn't you love me..." for today's sketchoholic interview and contest with Daniela Strijleva. Topic is Ghost...
Fingers crossed:)


November 6, 2010


As I told you few months ago, I was very happy to be chosen to cooperate with WLB on some projects for Orange. I did lot of illustrations for them nowadays and here are some fairytale characters I did for them.You can find them on prints in their stores..


October 21, 2010

Travel dreams

Here is the illustration I did for one children's magazine:) The story is about a doggie called Roxy and his travel dreams:))


October 1, 2010


My submission for Charles Santoso's interview and competition...hope you like it! :)


September 23, 2010


Dear followers and visitors:) I would like to ask you for your help and support...

If you like my works all you need to do is just visit this page http://www.podeltesaouspech.sk/uvod/1/1#uspech/568 and click the "like" button to help me to win. The prize for me would be billboards in Slovakia to show my works to others and to make some children happy:)

Thanks for your support!Fingers crossed!

UPDATE!!! THE LINK HAS CHANGED TO http://www.podeltesaouspech.sk/najnovsie/1#uspech/568

September 14, 2010

Little Rolla Custom Art Show


I am so much happy to announce you that I was honored to be a part of Marty M. Ito's Little Rolla Custom Art Show!! This show will be held this October in Sapporo. It's unbelievable to see my name written next to amazing artists like Marty M. Ito,Jon Burgerman , Jorge R. Gutierrez, Martin Hsu, Shane Corn, Ronnie del Carmen, Misa Tsutsui,Kazu Kibuishi ,Marina Abe and others... Thanks a lot Marty!:)

Here is the creating and painting process of Marty;s Little Rolla.

And here are some pics of my customized Little Rolla... hope you like it!:)


September 7, 2010

Lizinka and Roxy

Here are the illos I did for one slovak children's magazine called Little bee. The story is about little cat Lizinka and her buddy little dog Roxy...


September 6, 2010


New book about Do and Mi with my illustrations is out!!! Hope you like it:) Was really fun to illustrate this one...the story is situated in Prague, the beautiful city I live in:)


August 21, 2010

Cover Illustration

Here is the cover illustration called "Martin on a white horse" I did for children's magazine :)